collage generator

Because what's the point in listening to music if you can't let others know? Use our generator to create astonishing album and artist collages based on your charts!

  • Display album/artist captions?
  • Display playcount?

What's with this premium stuff, you greedy jerk?

If we could run every aspect of this site for free, we totally would, but with the introduction of 10x10 collages, it became evident that a limited-access approach was needed to even out the significant increase in bandwidth usage. Unfortunately, bandwidth costs money and... blah, blah, you know how it goes. We figured this would be a great opportunity to offer something in exchange for your donations.

To access the 10x10 option and future premium features, include your username in the Notes field while making a PayPal donation of $5 or more. All donations go towards improving or flat out sustaining the site. You can, of course, make a smaller donation out of generosity too.